Saturday, October 30, 2010

A notice that made me think...

Humans could be sent to Mars one-way as part of Nasa plans to permanently colonise other planets.

Scientists have confirmed that they are looking into the possibility sending astronauts to other planets by 2030.
It would take the volunteers nine months to get to the red planet, and they would leave knowing they would never see Earth again.
That is because it would cost too much to fly them back.
The mission, titled Hundred Years Starship, is likely to cost something in the region of £7 billion, and it is relying on grants and donations. The world's billionaires have reportedly been asked to contribute.

That is the notice...and I think WHAT THE HELL??? Volunteers to go to Mars knowing they will be left there to die? and the reason is the worst part "Money"... I am so against this, I mean they still have 20 years to gather money, or to do something to make it cost less I don't know, but saying that 20 years before it really happens makes me think there are some greedy bastards behind this.

So, Bill Gates along with Carlos Slim could pay for the round trip uh?  Well, Leave your comments on your thoughts...and I know there would be a lot of people willing to go even if they know they will never come back xD Thanks for reading! take care and be happy!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Best Iphone apps

Making Iphone apps can be a very profitable solo bussiness.  To encourage you I'm going to present the 3 best selling apps and how much people make with this!

Angry Birds is a crazy phenomenon for the iPhone. It debuted in the middle of December 2009, and rocketed to the top of the charts. Its publisher tells us downloads are over 7 million for the iPhone, which suggests gross sales for the $0.99 game are well over $7 million.
Ville Heijari, a rep for Angry Birds explained the game's origins to us saying, "The designers were playing around with several concepts, but one single mockup with the distinctive round, brightly colored, flightless birds really stood out. In the beginning, nobody had a clear idea how the game would eventually look like, but the parameters were there: intuitive touch screen controls, physics-based demolition gameplay, and the unique, distinctive and lovable characters. The rest was simply making the correct design choices along the development."
The iPhone app is just the beginning for Angry Birds. Rovio is looking at putting the characters of the game on TV, in movies, and on merchandise.

The above is the king of Iphone games xD

Doodle Jump is "heading towards 7 million" downloads, says Igor Pusenjak, one of the two brothers behind the game. At $0.99 a pop, the company has had gross sales of $6.9 million, with Pusenjak and company pocketing $4.9 million after Apple's 30% cut.
How did Doodle Jump come about? Pusenjak tells us, "Doodle Jump came about as we started working on a sequel to another one of our games (Eat, Bunny, Eat!), and realized we loved the hand-drawn placeholder graphics so much that we decided to create the entire game in that hand-drawn style. The result was magical - it was as though the little doodles from your notebook came to life!"

Pocket God, a $0.99 game, is on its 34th update, and recently hit 3 million sales, says the company. You control characters on island, playing god with their lives. Bolt Creative, the company behind Pocket God describes it to us as, "more of an open activity than a game. You can interact with the pygmies of the different islands in funny and slightly mean ways."
Dave Castelnuovo, creator of the game, says he and his partner, "made it initially as a sandbox for ourselves, in order to learn how to create our 'real' game on this new platform. It turned out to be so successful that we kept working on it and expanded it ever since."

Also check out this page, you can see the ranking by category and buy apps and games! Thanks for coming by!!! Be happy!


Monday, October 25, 2010

The Butterfly Circus

Good day everyone!!! I'm back with a video of a cool story that teach us something very important.  I dedicate this story to Mutefox, a good friend! and also to anyone that sometime has thought that there is nothing one could do.  Hope you like it!

I'm with you! It is fair that we can not be good at everything, that's what lead us to be special ^^  Take good care and be happy!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

No Fat Talk

Hellow fellows! how are you doing? ^^ Look what I came across, it's kinda...I don't know let me know what you think!!! I wonder if it will be a negative know, when you tell someone to not do something...and they do it because of that xD:

TL;DR It's the no fat talk week, so you must not talk about fat, for example "I'd rather be blind that fat" or "What size do you use? must be pretty big uh?"

(CNN) -- Attention, please! Did you know that you should not talk about "fat" this week.

That includes phrases like:

Does this make my butt look big?
I look so bloated.
I'm still trying to lose weight after the baby.
You look big-boned in that swimsuit.

This idea that "friends don't let friends fat talk" is part of the Fat Talk Free Week international campaign which encourages women to end fat talk.

"I believe all women deserve to feel good about themselves. We need to prevent negative body images and get away from this obsession over the thin ideal. We should focus on our health instead of our size and weight," says Stacy Nadeau, a former model for Dove soap's Campaign for Real Beauty.

Nadeau is the official spokeswoman for Fat Talk Free Week. The fraternity Tri Delta and The Center for Living, Learning and Leading have teamed up with partners and sponsors to raise public awareness about the campaign.
Nadeau is traveling to college campuses and promoting the end of fat talk.

She has been busy this week, writing on the campaign's Facebook page and participating in events like writing fat phrases on pieces of paper, then crumpling them up and tossing them in the air. Another activity is compiling a list of prominent women from history who did something significant that had nothing to do with their looks.
"I think this week is important for people to be aware of because it has unfortunately become a norm to bash our bodies and talk awful about ourselves. This week is a great week to encourage women to stop talking fat talk," Nadeau said.

Since it began three years ago, Fat Talk Free Week has gained sponsors and partners like The Academy for Eating Disorders.

And as the active participants increase, so has media attention.Rosie O'Donnell addressed the issues on Sirius Radio.

"For people who have been overweight for a long part of their life, it's part of the vernacular -- you always say, 'I look so fat,' or 'I'm so fat.' You berate yourself. It's just part of the culture," O'Donnell said.

Twenty-five million Americans suffer from anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders, According to Jeff Cannon at the National Eating Disorders Association. Ninety percent of those sufferers are women.

Psychology Professor at Trinity University, Carolyn Becker, helped found the Reflections Body Image Program, through which Fat Talk Free Week runs.

"Fat talk causes an incredible amount of misery among women. Statistics show that body dissatisfaction leads to eating less fruits, vegetables and even exercise. So body dissatisfaction likely also contributes to the problems we have with weight gain," Becker said.

"It's like a car. Imagine you have one you hate. How do you treat it? Terribly. But when you have a car you love how do you treat it? Much better. When we hate our bodies we treat them badly. When we care about them we treat them with respect," Becker said.

The research used to create Fat Talk Free Week is based on the understanding of psychological dissonance. "We don't like it when our beliefs and actions don't match up," Becker explained. "So by having people speak and act against this ideal thin female beauty we create an uncomfortable psychological state."

This is the third year the one-week public awareness program has been in effect and according to Tri Delta's Director of Education Initiatives, Sarah Williamson, the viral videos and social media's expansion has greatly increased knowledge of the campaign. OneYouTube video from 2008 has been viewed by over 140,000 people. The footage reports, "54 percent of women would rather be hit by a truck than be fat" and "If mannequins were women they would be too thin to bear children."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Phantasy Star Portable 2

Hello everyone!!!! Well, for all of you who have a PSP you can't miss this game out! it's really entertaining and engaging, and most of all, fun.

I've been playing it for hours and hours, there are different classes you can choose, Hunter, Ranger, Vanguard, beast, etc; and everyone has something special or unique.  You can see this game as a MMORPG because you can play it online or via ad hoc with nearby friends.  Either way there are lots and I mean lots of stuff to do and collect and Photon Arts to master (these are like the cool special technics).

The story is average, not outstanding but not boring either (at least for me xD) but it is worth the try.

I've played Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe (and Phantasy Star Portable 1 of course xD) and this is by far, the best out of them.

But Oh well, there is so much to say but I'll leave you with a video so you can see by yourself!

And don't worry, It was released in North America too! Also if you think you need to spend countless hours to get to the good stuff you are wrong, this is a MMORPG but also a Console RPG so in little time you will be strong as hell and have many power ups! Believe me, and by little I mean like 10 hours of gameplay xD And yes, It has PVP.

Thank you for stoping by! Until the next time, take care and be happy! *Goes to play PSP2

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Opportunity for a job as a webtester!

Hello people! I just registered and got a job which took me like 1 minute to complete, I got $0.12 cents and a free e-book xD BUT! we can make a team and benefit from everyones works, here is the information:

A market research company from the USA is searching for internet users all over the world, who get paid for testing websites and giving a short opinion.

Join the world's largest Website Tester Network for free and start making money today:

1.Receive job offers for website testing. Spend 1 to 10 hours per week and earn up to 25 US$ per hour in cash and/or coupons.

2.Refer new Website Testers and build your team. Cash a monthly passive income for every website tested by one of your team members.

3.Refer new companies/clients who like to get their website tested and cash up to 250 US$ per new client.

4.Promote our clients websites through our unique Affiliate Marketing Network and cash a commission for every sale through your personal reflinks.

My Team = All members registering through your reflink or through a reflink of one of your team members. 10 levels down you receive 2 % commission on every US$/Euro earned by your team. Don't worry if your team counter is still 0. We'll activate this function later, because for now we need all our server capacity to handle this huge amount of registrations. Once function is activated all your team members will show up correctly.

Please remember that you have to follow the rules below to receive job offers and payments:
1. Only one website tester account per person 
Only one website tester account is allowed per person. If you registered twice or more, DO NOT activate more than one account; Multiple accounts lead to total cancellation of ALL your accounts without further notice. 
2. Use your real name and complete, correct address 
Accounts held by fake names or with incomplete or false address will be deleted without notice. The Company reserves the right to ask for a copy of passport, driver's license or ID card and proof of address, at any time, e.g. before offering jobs or paying out commissions. 
3. You have to be at least 16 years old to receive job offers 
The Company reserves the right to ask for a copy of passport, driver's license or ID card to prove your age at any time, e.g. before offering jobs or paying out commissions. Entering the wrong date of birth leads to immediate deletion of the member's account. 
4. Choose your fields of interest and languages 
Accounts without chosen fields of interest and/or languages are not eligible for job offers and payments from the group or team pool. 
5. Execute jobs properly 
Incomplete and/or faked surveys about tested websites can lead to the immediate deletion of the member's account.

There you have it! Here is the link, lets form a team and see where this go!!!! Thank you for your support!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Very good day!!!! Well, I decided to show you some of the vids that I have as favorites in youtube! hope you like them!

Oh man, I'm so full of envy!!!! xD

I know the music is weird, but please watch it! you won't regret it!!!

I just laugh every time I see it!

And for now, the last one, the dancing merengue dog! I bet many of us can't beat it!!! xD

Thanks for visiting! hope you had a good laugh! take good care!!!! YOSH!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Silly Laws and a story

Goooood day my friends! hope you are doing great this weekend! I came across a lawyer story and some funny laws (that seems real) and want to share it with all of you!

A Charlotte, NC, lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars, then insured them against fire among other things. Within a month having smoked his entire stockpile of these great cigars and without yet having made even his first premium payment on the policy, the lawyer filed claim against the insurance company.

In his claim, the lawyer stated the cigars were lost "in a series of small fires." The insurance company refused to pay, citing the obvious reason: that the man had consumed the cigars in the normal fashion.

The lawyer sued....and won! In delivering the ruling the judge agreed with the insurance company that the claim was frivolous. The Judge stated nevertheless, that the lawyer held a policy from the company in which it had warranted that the cigars were insurable and also guaranteed that it would insure them against fire, without defining what is considered to be unacceptable fire," and was obligated to pay the claim.

Rather than endure lengthy and costly appeal process, the insurance company accepted the ruling and paid $15,000.00 to the lawyer for his loss of the rare cigars lost in the "fires."

After the lawyer cashed the check, the insurance company had him arrested on 24 counts of ARSON!!!! With his own insurance claim and testimony from the previous case being used against him, the lawyer was convicted of intentionally burning his insured property and was sentenced to 24 months in jail and a $24,000.00 fine.

This is a true story and won at a lawyer contest xD 

And some laws for you:

In Ottumwa, Iowa, "It is unlawful for any male person, within the corporate limits of the (city), to wink at any female person with whom he is unacquainted."

In Los Angeles, you cannot bathe two babies in the same tub at the same time.

In Zion, Ill., it is illegal for anyone to give lighted cigars to dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals kept as pets.

In Carmel, N.Y., a man can't go outside while wearing a jacket and pants that do not match. << Note: this law isn't silly. Write your legislators today and get this PASSED in your area now!!>>

In St. Louis, it's illegal to sit on the curb of any city street and drink beer from a bucket.

In Hartford, Conn., you aren't allowed to cross a street while walking on your hands.

In Baltimore, it's illegal to throw bales of hay from a second-story window within the city limits. It's also illegal to take a lion to the movies.

In Oxford, Ohio, it's illegal for a woman to strip off her clothing while standing in front of a man's picture.

In Carrizozo, N.M., it's forbidden for a female to appear unshaven in public (includes legs and face).

In Pennsylvania it is illegal to have over 16 women live in a house together because that constitutes a brothel...however up to 120 men can live together, without breaking the law.

In Michigan, a woman isn't allowed to cut her own hair without her husband's permission.

I lol'd at the 120 men one xD  Hope you enjoyed reading! Please take care and be happy!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

News!!! and old news...

Hello everybody! How are you? I was reading some news, some shocking, some stupid and I wanted to share them with you and see what you have to say about them...specially the one with the lady that sued google...LOL!

Lady sues google (june 2010)

Pedestrian Lauren Rosenberg, who was injured by a motorist whilst following Google Maps direction which she had downloaded, has a lawsuit seeking more than $100,000  in the US District Court in Utah against Google claiming that they had supplied unsafe directions. The lawsuit also names the motorist which hit her.

In short, the lady downloaded google maps on her cellphone and then looked up for a direction, she says it led her to a street with no place for pedestrians, and then she crossed the street and got hit by a speeding vehicle.  COME ON! google didn't tell her " Oh yeah, cross that way I'll wait for the Lulz" Damn!

Man arrested after marinating his cat (august 2010)

When traffic cops pulled over 51-year-old Gary Korkuc for failing to stop at a stop sign in Buffalo, New York, they got more than they bargained for, they found four-year-old cat in a cage in the boot of the car, marinating in oil, crushed red peppers and chilli peppers.

Korkuc was allegedly marinating his cat with the intention to eat it, he was arrested on charges of animal cruelty, when police found the cat it had the marinade stuck all in its fur and appeared to be in a distressed state. When question by the police Korkuc then reportedly told officers he was punishing his cat for being ill tempered and that he planned to cook the cat.

Segway owner dies in a segway accident (september 2010 I think almost everyone knows about this)

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said today: “Police were called at 11.40am yesterday to reports of a man in the River Wharfe, apparently having fallen from the cliffs above. A Segway-style vehicle was recovered. He was pronounced dead at the scene. At this time we do not believe the death to be suspicious.”

USA Man on a mission to behead Bin Laden arrested by Pakistan police (june 2010)

After suffering a personal loss during the September 11th attacks, 50 year old construction worker Gary Faulkner from California decided to go to Afghanistan to hunt down the Al Qaeda leader and assassinate him however his plans have now come to an abrupt halt after being caught by Pakistani police.

Gary Faulkner had arrived in Chitrali town of Bumburate on June 3 and stayed in a local hotel where he was assigned a police guard, which is customary for foreigners visiting remote parts of Pakistan, however he gave his guard the slip and checked out early to begin his hunt for Bin Laden. Officers who had been looking for him since he gave his guard the slip arrested Faulkner as he crept through a remote forest, when he was arrested he was found to be carrying a pistol as well as a 40-inch sword, night vision goggles and a book of Christian works and teachings.

The Pakistani Daily Dawn newspaper said “Faulkner acknowledged to police that he wanted to ‘decapitate Osama bin Laden, and told them he had visited Pakistan seven times, and this was his third trip to Chitral.”
According to Faulkner’s brother Scott, catching Bin Laden was his passion and he said, “Our military has not been able to track Osama down yet. It’s been 10 years, its easier as a civilian, dressed in the local dress, to infiltrate the inside, the local people, gain their confidence and get information and Intel that you couldn’t get as an American soldier, Navy SEAL, whoever you might be”

The last one is so cool! this guy is like a super hero! a Sword??? Wow!!! Hope you enjoyed these news and I also hope that at least you didn't heard about 1 of these.  Until next post, take care and be happy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Chill Time!

Good day my friends and visitors! Well, it is time for a break now, so I will leave you with some funny pics I like!!! hope you do too!

Thanks for visiting! until next time!!! WOOOOOOOSH!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Defend yourself from a traffic accident Lawsuit

Good day everyone! Well, what I am about to post is something very important because it can happen to any of us (in my case, it happened to a friend).  Here are some tips to follow when someone sues you because of a car accident.  Just beware, If you are guilty, then these steps can't help you much to avoid a Lawsuit!!!

  • Photograph the accident scene. It is important to do this immediately after the accident or as soon as possible. Take pictures of your vehicle, any other car involved, damage to vehicles or property, injuries, and signs, lights and road conditions that pertain to the accident.
  • Call police to report the accident, especially if someone seems to be injured. (This is especially important if a drunken driver was involved.) Most police departments prefer that drivers deal with minor accidents, or fender-benders, themselves. For more serious accidents, you can benefit from obtaining a police report if the case goes to court.
  • Talk to any witnesses. Write down the contact information for anyone who can verify that you were not at fault.
  • Consult your insurance company. Depending on your policy, the insurance company might have to pay damages to the other party, up to the limit of your insurance policy. The insurance company might hire an attorney on your behalf or settle the claim for a lesser amount.
  • Hire an attorney who specializes in vehicular lawsuits if the insurance company does not hire one for you. Attorneys are expensive, but they are likely cheaper than the costs of losing a lawsuit. A good attorney is vital in protecting your interests. Provide your lawyer with all your photos, witness statements and other information.
  • Suggest mediation. Seeing a mediator is frequently cheaper than going to court, and a mutually beneficial agreement could be reached. If mediation is not successful, court remains an option

These simple steps can help you to avoid any problems if you get sued and also will make you look like a totally expert and being someone no one would want to mess with =)  Take good care, and I really, really hope you never have to use these tips!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Future (Starting November 2010!)

Hello good People!!! I read about something that's very interesting for me! I love to imagine what will happen to us in the years to come, and now I want to share you what someone predicted some years ago, it's really cool! I hope you read this and comment on your thoughts!  Here is the story of Baba Vanga:

Vanga (Vangelia) Pandeva was born on January 31st, 1911 and spent her life living in Bulgaria until she died on August 11th, 1996. She lost her sight when she was 12 years old when she was swept away by a tornado. She was found alive with sand in her eyes, which was the reason for her blindness. Vanga began making predictions when she was 16 years old. She became very famous for having this gift rather quickly. Many of the statesman including Hitler had visited her and it is reported that Hitler left her house looking upset.

Vanga’s most shocking prediction include: “At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it.” (1980).

The prediction did not make any sense back then. Sadly, twenty years on, it did make a lot of sense, when a Russian nuclear submarine sunk in an accident in August of 2000. The submarine was named Kursk. Kursk - the city (after which the submarine was named), could by no means have been covered with water (probably that’s why her prediction seemed so unrealistic at first).

Now is up to you to believe or not, either way, is fantastic for a good fantasy travel in your imagination.  Here goes what will happen in the next 3000 years:

2010 - World War III. War will begin in November 2010 and end in October 2014. Will begin as usual, then nuclear will be used initially, and then chemical weapons.
2011 - As a result of the fallout of nuclear fallout in the northern hemisphere will not be any animals or vegetation. Then Muslims will wage war against chemical surviving Europeans.
2014 - Most people will suffer skin cancer and other skin diseases (a consequence of chemical warfare).
2016 - Europe almost lonely (empty).
2018 - New China becomes a world power. Developing countries in turn operated from exploiters.
2023 - A little bit of change in the Earth’s orbit.
2025 - Europe still little settled.
2028 - Creating a new energy source (probably a controlled thermonuclear reaction). Hunger is gradually being overcome. Launched a manned spacecraft to Venus.
2033 - The polar ice are melting. Greater levels of the oceans.
2043 - The world economy is thriving. In Europe, Muslims rule.
2046 - any bodies (organs) can be manufactured (cloning?). Replacing the bodies is becoming one of the best methods of treatment.
2066 - During the attack on the Muslim Rome, the United States used a new kind of weapon - the climate. The sharp cooling (instant freezing).
2076 - Classless Society (communism).
2084 - The restoration of nature.
2088 - A new disease - aging for a few seconds!
2097 - The rapid aging defeated.
2100 - Artificial sun illuminates the dark side of the Earth.
2111 - People become living robots.
2123 - The war between small nations. Big nations do not intervene.
2125 - Hungary will receive signals from space.
2130 - Colony under water (with the help of sympathetic councils).
2164 - Animals turn half-human.
2167 - A new religion.
2170 - Major drought.
2183 - A colony on Mars becomes a nuclear power, and demands independence from the Earth (like when - the United States from England).
2187 - Will stop 2 large eruption of volcanoes.
2195 - Sea Colony fully developed, abundant energy and food.
2196 - Complete mixing of Asians and Europeans.
2201 - At the Sun slowing thermonuclear processes. Temperature drops.
2221 - In the search for extraterrestrial life, humanity comes into contact with what - something terrible.
2256 - Spacecraft forgotten to Earth terrible new disease.
2262 - Planets gradually changing planetary orbit. Mars is threatened by comets.
2271 - Restart physical constants are changed. (Laws of physics changed?)
2273 - Mixing yellow, white and black races. New race.
2279 - Power from nothing (probably from a vacuum or a black hole).
2288 - Travel back in time (Time Travel invented?). New contacts with aliens.
2291 - The sun cools. Attempts were being made to light it again.
2296 - Powerful eruption on the Sun. Changing the force of gravity. Beginning to fall old space stations and satellites.
2299 - In France, guerrilla movement against Islam.
2302 - New important laws and secrets of the universe revealed.
2304 - Secrets of the Moon revealed.
2341 - Something terrible is approaching Earth from space.
2354 - An accident in one of the artificial Sun leads to drought.
2371 - The great famine.
2378 - A new fast-growing race.
2480 - 2 artificial Suns collide. Land in the twilight.
3005 -The war on Mars. Violated the trajectory of the planet.3010 - Comet hits Moon. Around the Earth - ring/zone of the stones and dust.
3797 - By this time on Earth killed all life, but mankind will be able to lay the foundations for a new life in another stellar system.
3803 - A new planet is populated by little. Fewer contacts between people. Climate new planet affects the organisms of people - they mutate.
3805 - The war between humans for resources. More than half of people dying out.
3815 - The war is over.
3854 - The development of civilization virtually stops. People live flocks as beasts.
3871 - New prophet tells people about moral values, religion.
3874 - New prophet receives support from all segments of the population. Organized a new church.
3878 - along with the Church to re-train new people forgotten sciences.
4302 - New cities are growing in the world. New Church encourages the development of new technology and science.
4302 - The development of science. Scientists discovered in the overall impact of all diseases in organism behavior.
4304 - Found a way to win any disease.
4308 - Due to mutation people at last beginning to use their brains more than 34%. Completely lost the notion of evil and hatred.
4509 - Getting to Know God. The man has finally been reached such a level of development that can communicate with God.
4599 - People achieve immortality.
4674 - The development of civilization has reached its peak. The number of people living on different planets is about 340 billion. Assimilation begins with aliens.
5076 - A boundary universe. With it, no one knows.
5078 - The decision to leave the boundaries of the universe. While about 40 percent of the population is against it.
5079 - End of the World.

So what do you think? So world war III is sooo close! lol xD Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it! Take good care, be happy...and be prepared!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's time for "Weight Loss"!!!

Good day everybody.  I know a lot of people out there do a lot of things to lose weight...well I thought to myself "why don't teach about MY way to lose weight?" So here it is, an explanation of my method towards weight loss.

No, sucking your belly in does not work...believe me xD

First I want to share something about me.  I'm not skinny, and I'm also not fat, I fall in the O.K. category.  I am 5' 8.5" tall which is normal where I live xD and my weight is around 156 pounds, so my Body Mass Index is 23.4 which is normal weight.  The thing about me is that I gain weight VERY, and I mean VERY easily.  So whenever I start gaining weight I use the following method to get back to normal.  I accomplish this in 1-2 weeks.

 Then, read the following!

Number One: Water! Drink a lot of water, specially before eating and after eating, believe me, this will make you eat a lot less if you are used to eat a lot. For some people this simple method works wonderfully and it's all there is to lose weight.  For some others it doesn't work alone.

Number Two: Eat everything using only forks, knives and spoons.  With this I mean that you must not eat side food like bread, nachos, tortillas! You can eat all the food you want if the food is not from restaurants or fast food services, so if the dish is made at home, you can eat until you are full! BUT REMEMBER only use a fork, knife or spoon!

Number Three:   The hard must stop eating junk food.  Come on, I know you can do it for 2 weeks! and also you will save money *blink xD 

Special: Using the three methods as explained you will lose fat really fast, you just need to commit to do it! is not that hard, I mean, it's only 2 weeks.  Now, if you just can't drink a lot of water, and you want to eat at fast food restaurants then you can erase step one, and change step 2 for this: eat everything normally and in the way you use to BUT, only eat half of it.  Yes, you can eat anything you want, in the way you want, but only half the normal amount you would eat.  This method is slower but it also works! 

You want an estimate of  weight loss/time? Well, for me it is like this:

Normal method (the 3 steps): 4 Kg. (8-9 pounds) per week.
Special method (half food): 2 kg. (4 pounds)  per week if you don't eat a lot of junk food 

What do you think? Just remember, this is what happens TO ME, I can't tell you what would happen to you people, but the fact that you will lose weight...yes, YOU WILL!

Thank you for reading and I really hope you can accomplish what you want! This works excellent if you have some extra pounds and you have to go to the beach in a couple of weeks xD Take good care and be happy!!!

Link to calculate your Body Mass Index: