Thursday, October 21, 2010

Phantasy Star Portable 2

Hello everyone!!!! Well, for all of you who have a PSP you can't miss this game out! it's really entertaining and engaging, and most of all, fun.

I've been playing it for hours and hours, there are different classes you can choose, Hunter, Ranger, Vanguard, beast, etc; and everyone has something special or unique.  You can see this game as a MMORPG because you can play it online or via ad hoc with nearby friends.  Either way there are lots and I mean lots of stuff to do and collect and Photon Arts to master (these are like the cool special technics).

The story is average, not outstanding but not boring either (at least for me xD) but it is worth the try.

I've played Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe (and Phantasy Star Portable 1 of course xD) and this is by far, the best out of them.

But Oh well, there is so much to say but I'll leave you with a video so you can see by yourself!

And don't worry, It was released in North America too! Also if you think you need to spend countless hours to get to the good stuff you are wrong, this is a MMORPG but also a Console RPG so in little time you will be strong as hell and have many power ups! Believe me, and by little I mean like 10 hours of gameplay xD And yes, It has PVP.

Thank you for stoping by! Until the next time, take care and be happy! *Goes to play PSP2


  1. Awww hell yeah!
    Phantasy Star is one of my favorite games, can't wait to try this one out. :D

  2. Yea, I'm going to have to get this. :)

  3. Sweet i'll look this up. There aren't too many good games out for psp

  4. Aww, I was really hoping for another great phantasy star game

  5. Aww too bad I don't have a PSP... Sounds awesome.

  6. that actually looked pretty good

  7. I will check this out <3 PvP

  8. I can hardly get myself to play my PSP when I've got my PS3/xbox 360 around. Although, I'm wandering in MMO-land these days. If you're interested in gaming blogs, stop by and visit mine!