Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Opportunity for a job as a webtester!

Hello people! I just registered and got a job which took me like 1 minute to complete, I got $0.12 cents and a free e-book xD BUT! we can make a team and benefit from everyones works, here is the information:

A market research company from the USA is searching for internet users all over the world, who get paid for testing websites and giving a short opinion.

Join the world's largest Website Tester Network for free and start making money today:

1.Receive job offers for website testing. Spend 1 to 10 hours per week and earn up to 25 US$ per hour in cash and/or coupons.

2.Refer new Website Testers and build your team. Cash a monthly passive income for every website tested by one of your team members.

3.Refer new companies/clients who like to get their website tested and cash up to 250 US$ per new client.

4.Promote our clients websites through our unique Affiliate Marketing Network and cash a commission for every sale through your personal reflinks.

My Team = All members registering through your reflink or through a reflink of one of your team members. 10 levels down you receive 2 % commission on every US$/Euro earned by your team. Don't worry if your team counter is still 0. We'll activate this function later, because for now we need all our server capacity to handle this huge amount of registrations. Once function is activated all your team members will show up correctly.

Please remember that you have to follow the rules below to receive job offers and payments:
1. Only one website tester account per person 
Only one website tester account is allowed per person. If you registered twice or more, DO NOT activate more than one account; Multiple accounts lead to total cancellation of ALL your accounts without further notice. 
2. Use your real name and complete, correct address 
Accounts held by fake names or with incomplete or false address will be deleted without notice. The Company reserves the right to ask for a copy of passport, driver's license or ID card and proof of address, at any time, e.g. before offering jobs or paying out commissions. 
3. You have to be at least 16 years old to receive job offers 
The Company reserves the right to ask for a copy of passport, driver's license or ID card to prove your age at any time, e.g. before offering jobs or paying out commissions. Entering the wrong date of birth leads to immediate deletion of the member's account. 
4. Choose your fields of interest and languages 
Accounts without chosen fields of interest and/or languages are not eligible for job offers and payments from the group or team pool. 
5. Execute jobs properly 
Incomplete and/or faked surveys about tested websites can lead to the immediate deletion of the member's account.

There you have it! Here is the link, lets form a team and see where this go!!!! Thank you for your support!!!!


  1. Meh, my understanding - at least from my father who is now reaching 60 and has tried these types of things all his life - is that MLM (multi-level marketing) schemes never work.


  2. Awww...really? well, at least for now I won a free e-book right?

  3. Yea, read stories from others saying these never work.

  4. Aww well a free e-book isnt so bad

  5. Don't know about this, i'll have to research it.

  6. Receive job offers... it sounds like survey offers... those are usually not worth the effort.

  7. meh i don't have the time for all that

  8. Sounds awesome! Not gonna do it though, Sorry.

  9. It seems cool, good luck bra.
    I can't agree, sorry, I've no time to do it.

  10. Thats sweet, I never got into webtesting