Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to make money online

Hello everybody! Well, I´m pretty sure many of us want to make this true, make money online, but not anything, we mean a LOT of money. I´ve searched all over the web and found a lot of information so next I will post some of the things I encountered and thought was cool. I hope it works for you people, and that if you get rich, you remember me =)

First, let me start with something motivational. Here is a link to a page with the persons who run websites and blogs and how much they make! from this list you can take a lot of tips because you can visit all of the pages/blogs!!!

Did you see that a guy gets from 10,000 to 20,000 monthly just from Adsense????

Now, lets see different ways to make money online:


Cashcrate is a site that allows you to earn money by taking online surveys absolutely free. You fill out basic information about yourself, such as your name, address and city and voluntarily sign up for spam. Creating a new email for the spam is a must-do method in order to achieve success with this program and to make money with Cash Crate.

It’s against the rules to use false information so I use my real info, but I’ve never received any phone calls or anything, just e-mail spam. I also never sign up for the high paying offers that cost money or require a credit card, although there’s only a few of these available.

You can Google all you want and see for yourself that this really works!!! here is a link to a page with tips, and the page responsible for me signing to crashcrate and if you would be kind enough to help me It costs nothing to sign to crashcrate from the link to the right of my page =) thank you!

NOW here is a self-explanatory video of 5 ways to make money, be sure to watch it, it´s cool, specially the number 1 way:

Let me give you an advice...never try that "European roulette" trick, none of them, the house ALWAYS has the better chances to win, EVER...I´m almost sure many of you have read about an easy way to make money using this roulette, but don´t!


Linkbucks is a very unique advertising membership program created by internet marketer Charles Major that allows people to modify their own links so that they can earn ad revenue from them. This program works on the pay-per-click system, working with advertisers to get their ads seen in a variety of places on the internet.

Linkbucks uses a pretty innovative idea for its advertising program, although at first it can be a little confusing trying to figure it all out. Though some more internet and script-savvy people might not have a problem understanding it, beginners may have a lot more difficulty.

When you get past the Linkbucks tech-speak, it’s really fairly simple. As a blogger or a forum poster, you often have links in your signature that lead people to your website. As a website owner, you often put links on your site to other websites, perhaps if you’re trading links or linking to an affiliate website.

When you become a member of Linkbucks, you can submit these links to their program, and they will modify them with code, then you put the modified links on your website, blog, or in your signature. When people click on your links, they will still go where you want them to, but because of the added code, they’ll see an intermission ad for a few seconds first, or they’ll see a framed banner on the top of your destination page.

When someone clicks on your specially coded Linkbucks link, you earn money. You don’t get a lot for one click, but if you get a lot of clicks, your earnings can add up. The advertiser gets what they want, people are still linking to where you want them to go, and you’re making some extra money all at the same time.


Feedback on Linkbucks is overwhelmingly positive. Though nobody is claiming to make a lot of money through the program, nobody really expects to. What members do report is that they are always paid on time, that the coded links never cause them any trouble, and that support is always quick and helpful when needed.

There are many, many tips to increase your revenue from Ads and ways to increase your traffic, all of which can be found Googling so I will not put those here. I think the list which link I posted at the beginning and the video tells a lot about what I wanted to share with all of you. I really hope this works and helps. Anything you want to share feel free to comment...maybe that is another way of improving things, helping each other out...maybe we all can come up with a Iphone App idea, or some of you know how to make Apps and some others have a lot of creativity. Lets see what happens!!!! Thanks you for reading! take care and Be happy!!!