Sunday, September 12, 2010

Human Soul!!!

Hellow everyone! Well, I´m going to copy-paste, but it is about something that really interests me, hope some of you feel the same!

The human soul weighs 1/3,000th of an ounce!

That’s the astonishing claim of East German researchers who recently weighed more than 200 terminally ill patients just before, and immediately after, their deaths.

In each case the weight loss was exactly the same–1/3,000th of an ounce.

“The inescapable conclusion is that we have now confirmed the existence of the human soul and determined its weight,” Dr. Becker Mertens of Dresden said in a letter printed in the German science journal Horizon.

“The challenge before us now is to figure out exactly what the soul is composed of”, he continued. “We are inclined to believe that it is a form of energy. “But our attempts to identify this energy have been unsuccessful to date.”

The expert’s report, co-authored by physicist Elke Fisher, got mixed review from top scientists around the world. Gerard Voisart, the leading French pathologist, was especially critical, saying that the weight difference between the living and the dead could be accounted for by air leaving the lungs. But Drs. Fisher and Mertens said they took that into account in making their calculations. They further stated that the device they used to weigh the soul has a margin of error of less than 1/100,000th of an ounce.

“It occurred to us that the weight loss could be the result of an instantaneous physical deterioration,” said Dr. Fisher. “But after exhaustive study we agreed that was not the case. The only possible explanation is that we were measuring the loss of the human soul or some kind of life force.”

The communist scientists were careful not to link their study of the soul with a superior being or with afterlife. But church leaders contacted by the European press said the experts’ report confirmed the existence of God and heaven–and praised their breakthrough research.

“It’s ironic that communist scientists would conduct a search for the soul, much less declare that they found it,” said one clergyman.

Repeated attempts to get an official statement from the Vatican were unsuccessful. But one highly placed source said Pope John Paul II was aware of the German study. And he reportedly was most impressed. “The Roman Catholic Church has never concerned itself with the weight of the soul, but we are pleased with scientific confirmation of its existence,” the source said.


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