Thursday, September 9, 2010

The True RPG Hero!

I have had many names and skills beyond anyone,
mastered a Cutlass, lethal precision with a gun,
carried dual blades and swords bigger than myself;
learned magic, deadly spells, secret arts and fighting

Traveled along many worlds, from Sylvarant to Valhalla,
El Nido Triangle to Angara, from 600 A.D. to the skies of
Arcadia, even along the Star Ocean to other worlds and the
same Earth in every form.

In infinite companions I found love, laughs, tears and hope,
fought more than any war before. In my hands I remember the
blood... Sephiroth, Kefka, Mythos and Loki, Lavos, Geldoblame,
Deathevn and Chopin.

And my journey will continue forever, as long as the minds of men
continue to dream and create them, and if you want to know the name of
The True Hero... Please Enter your Name and defeat the new Evil:


  1. Change your design D: Hard to read (no shit sherlock, it's black on black...)
    also remove captcha xD

  2. i agree with The Loon, change your design please.

  3. Wait, its not my fault, It won´t let me change the font color!!!

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  5. The Loon, yeah I put black background and black font on purpose so you won´t be able to read easily...I mean is not like I won´t notice if I use black on black, the blog is doing whatever it wants, the last paragraph it´s a mess and I did not do it that way...

  6. what an interesting perspective...

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  8. Kewl story, bro!

    happy 9/11!

  9. Cool stuff mate. Keep it coming.

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